Telos Developer Grant Program

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Telos Developer Grant Program

Why Build With Telos

Telos performance is unrivaled in the industry and was purpose-built to offer speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness, decentralization and end-user fairness.

Fast & Scalable

The Telos blockchain can support up to 10,000 TPS and 0.5 second block times, providing the foundation you need for your project to run with lightning speed.


With a zero-fee native smart contract layer and an EVM layer with fixed, sub $0.10 transaction fees, Telos offers the most competitive cost structure on the market. Our technology allows you to encourage more users to use your dApp without them having to worry about high and variable transaction fees.


Because we are able to produce blocks every 0.5 seconds and guarantee first-in-first-out transaction processing, Telos eliminates frontrunning trades and creates a fair environment for all users. We believe this is a critical requirement to attract broad adoption in the crypto space and will attract new users into the ecosystem.

Ease of Development

Our EVM is backwards compatible, allowing the use of the entire Solidity toolchain for developers to easily build dApps and write smart contracts. If you can build in Solidity, you can build on Telos.

Eligible Projects & Ideas

We are excited to see what you want to build! Below are a few examples of the types project Telos Ignite was built to encourage. Applicants are not limited to these areas and are encouraged to bring fresh ideas to the table.

Tooling & Infrastructure

Telos is looking for developers who can build support and infrastructure development tooling that other Telos developers need. The stronger the foundation of Telos, the better the experience.

Examples Include:
Wallets, Block Explorers, APIs, Component Libraries

Ecosystem Projects

Telos is seeking projects that support the development of the Telos ecosystem through a wide range of use cases. This category aims to grow the Telos ecosystem by providing useful services and utility to the platform, allowing our community to experience the full breadth of what blockchain technology has to offer.

Examples Include:
DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, NFTs, Launchpads, Social

ESG Focused Initiative

Telos is committed to the principals of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). We are seeking to attract projects that aim to address current ESG challenges. These projects go hand-in-hand with our mission to ensure we are helping build a better blockchain environment for all users.

Examples Include:
Carbon Reduction Projects, Telos Decide Voter Use Cases


Telos is excited to support innovative NFT projects that will enrich and grow our NFT ecosystem.  We are looking for both NFT projects as well as infrastructure that makes it more seamless to build and launch NFT projects on the Telos EVM.  Please be sure to use the NFT Grant Application tab when submitting your project.

Examples Include:
Art-focused NFT Projects, Utility-focused NFT Projects, NFT Utilities (marketplaces, bridges, etc)

Telos Program Resources

Telos Ignite offers access to tools and resources to help drive your vision.


TLOS token grants to assist you in financing your project

Developer Tools & Resources

Easily accessible documentation and resources to streamline your journey

End-to-End Support

Direct access to Telos team members and mentors as you build


Introductions to thought leaders, VCs and ecosystem partners as your project evolves

Recognition as a Grant Winner

Grant winners will be announced publicly to help boost awareness of your team and project to the Telos community

Grant Application Process

1. Fill Out The Application Form

Provide as much detail on your project as you can. The more information we have, the better we can evaluate your application and determine if you’re a good fit for Telos Ignite.

2. Review & Feedback Call

A link will be sent to the lead applicant to schedule a call with the Telos team to discuss your project and answer any questions you might have.

3. Decision

Once the review process is complete, we will reach out to inform you if your project has been accepted or rejected.

4. Onboarding

After approval, the Telos team will welcome you to the program and review the details of the project (funding, legal, etc.).

5. Follow Ups

We will have recurring calls with you and your team to check in on milestones and offer whatever support is needed.

Frequently asked questions

How Will Applications be evaluated ?

Applicants are evaluated across a number of important criteria, including:

  • Project scope: Does this project serve one of the grant program's core pillars of education, usability, or community enrichment or education? What funding has the project already received and how much is the project seeking ?
  • Project impact: Is this a novel project coming to the Telos ecosystem?  How will it drive value and use for Telos users ?
  • Team composition: Is this team well-suited to deliver on the outlined project?  What is the team’s relevant experience?
  • Timelines: When will the project be ready for deployment on chain?  Can a significant impact be made in 1-2 quarters of development ?

As we evaluate grants and receive feedback from our community, our criteria will likely evolve to make sure we're supporting projects that are most relevant to the needs of the ecosystem and community.

When will I hear back ?

Our goal is to review and finalize grants as quickly as possible. We receive several grant applications daily, and to better ensure quality in an efficient manner, we will be awarding projects in quarterly cohorts.  Applications received within 45 days of the close of a calendar quarter (i.e. by May 15 for a Q2 evaluation) will be in the current quarter cohort.  For those submitted after the closing date, they will be reviewed and processed in the following quarter (i.e. Q3 for projects submitted after May 15).

How Large Is a Typical Grant ?

Grant size will vary depending on scope and need as outlined in the application. Depending on the project’s roadmap we may also provide a percentage of the grant at the time a specific milestone is met as opposed to a single lump sum payment.  Typical grants range between $10,000-$40,000, and in some instances can be larger depending on the project.  For NFT project grants, the typical range for an NFT project is $2,000-$5,000, with larger grants considered for NFT infrastructure projects (marketplaces, bridges, tooling, etc).

Do I need to be a developer to apply ?

We’ve set up this program with developers, creators, and enthusiasts in mind. We’re very excited to support new products and open-source technologies that will push the ecosystem further, but equally as enthused to support the efforts of creators and community members alike.  If you have a project concept you want to bring to life, please reach out and our team can help you get in contact with developer resources to help turn your idea into a reality.


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